Eagles – Hotel California Guitar Cover

Eagles Hotel California guitar lesson by Tommy Kessler. Guitar TAB for Hotel California available here: www.unitedwetab.com Tommy Kessler is the current lead guitarist for Blondie. Video edited by Cara Bosco (cara @ unitedwetab.com).

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25 Responses to Eagles – Hotel California Guitar Cover

  1. bkhamdee says:

    great job……ur amezing 

  2. zSliz1 says:

    u r better than john petrucci

  3. o0Skillz930o says:

    Finally! Im not the only one that holds my little finger on the scratchboard when i play arpeggios, i thought i was the only one to do it

  4. TheGuitarlord3 says:


  5. bandzicar says:

    Rly nice job man! awesome! gratzz!

  6. Skyawinedi says:

    esta viendo una revista para adultos mientras toca, eso si esta de huevos.

  7. rodel229 says:

    do it again with bass guitar

  8. dionimike says:

    Good job man

  9. adycy8 says:

    rapping on the replay button now…

  10. Razwell says:

    This guy is excellent. He locks with the groove. A MOST important feature of a guitarist.

  11. hasanrolf says:

    this guy is the dogs bllocks.

  12. DiegoBc71 says:


  13. bradas128 says:

    What chord he use for the f#?

  14. dieguit0276 says:


  15. psychodelic008 says:

    This song is way too picky for me but great job!

  16. shima2001jp says:

    wonderful!!! Thanks.

  17. josecugarcia says:

    very good video

  18. allthatremainsspain says:

    amazing!!! ^__^ please , can you pass me the guitar pro tab? i have one but is a shit :P

  19. mrgenius4 says:

    Amazing Job !!!!

  20. archfarchnad says:

    Next time my wife says that men can’t multi-task I’m going to force her to watch this. Then shove a Gibson up her @&$£…

  21. TheBlueBirddd says:

    Putting the Eagles in shame. 

  22. XkevinFire says:


  23. gnr87 says:

    orgasm.. is that gretch guitar?

  24. shariotoflove says:

    40 people need to be stabbed with steely knives

  25. cheatmaster408 says:

    holy shit

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