i’m baack hehe and this video is about Bill kaulitz again:P enjoy and have fun and have a nice look aand then you have to comment and rate thanks!

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25 Responses to HOT !

  1. kingdomhearts646 says:

    bill is so sexylicious

  2. Jumbie76 says:

    impossible question who is cuter bill or lion cub?

  3. dragon3151 says:

    Lol that would suck to have a name like bill and be a girl!

  4. ywpro says:

    Ummmm faggot

  5. belongs2kaulitz says:

    look at his pretty mouth when he talks, scheisse, that’s adorable. <3333<333<333

  6. koboshisan says:

    that look at 1:08 is my fav

  7. Arimli says:

    Какой же Билл всё-таки МИЛЫЙ!!!
    Bill is so NICE!!!

  8. LgBs7 says:

    which video is at 3:11??

  9. vern13603 says:

    i love the faces he makes when he gets nervous or doesnt understand what’s being said.

  10. ToOkitakauLitz92 says:

    ai k lindo BILL

  11. koboshisan says:

    at 1:08 it is my favorite part in the entire video

  12. misshumanoid says:

    how sexy and hot and awesome !

  13. ichigohyuuga777 says:

    thanks…it was the German verson..i want both of those dvds…

  14. discoostuu says:

    vi amo tokio hotel!!!
    mi fate rimenere senza fiatooooo!!!! lol

  15. petiteXavril says:

    i love AVRIL LAVIGNE
    i Love Bill Kaulitz
    i love Vidéo ^^

  16. Deyaist says:

    nice vid
    i like the music
    i like everything

  17. d0cie says:

    Tokio hotel has its own DVD, it came out in I believe December ’08.

    Bill was in Alex and the Minimoys.

  18. ichigohyuuga777 says:

    wht movie waz bill in???

  19. doglover7250 says:

    hi i love your video i also love tokio hotel billl and tom they are both very semxy
    love um

  20. ashnic99 says:

    aww i really liked this!! bill is so hot and smexi!

  21. twilightbitch says:

    i dont get bills french tips

  22. ilovebrendon101 says:

    how did bill ever get SOOO hot????!!!!!!

  23. gise1981 says:

    he’s so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. musicemogurls says:

    i agree hes just the best boy in the world hes sweet ,kind,fit :P,great boady,great voice…. i could go on 4ever

  25. mrsbillkaulitz08 says:

    if any of us fans went out with bill people would think that we were lesbian but who cares…at least we would be with the man of our dreams,,,???

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